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Spherical Mercator demo: Yahoo Satellite + SHP + GPS + waypoints.csv

What I’m doing in this video is:

– Set the SRS of the view to EPSG:3785 (Spherical Mercator)
– Add the Yahoo Satellite layer
– Add a shapefile with a few streets of Valencia
– Connect the GPS device
– Record a few waypoints, choosing the attribute values for each one from two easily customizable choice controls. Type: Tree/Lamp. Condition: Good/Medium/Bad.

This is the CSV file created during this demo:

2008/10/01 23:42:06;39.4771195;-0.36987400000000004;13.800000190734863;[None];Medium;Tree;[None];[None]
2008/10/01 23:42:57;39.477063333333334;-0.369547;3.299999952316284;[None];Bad;Lamp;[None];[None]
2008/10/01 23:43:44;39.47686483333333;-0.36949916666666666;7.800000190734863;[None];Medium;Tree;[None];[None]
2008/10/01 23:44:42;39.47656716666667;-0.369142;10.5;[None];Good;Tree;[None];[None]
2008/10/01 23:45:55;39.47629933333333;-0.368538;11.100000381469727;[None];Medium;Lamp;[None];[None]

And this is the CSV as it looks in a gvSIG view, on top of the PNOA WMS layer:




2 thoughts on “Spherical Mercator demo: Yahoo Satellite + SHP + GPS + waypoints.csv

  1. Oh my God, it’s a FPS (First Person Stylus).

    Congratulations, very good job.

    But someone please donate a real videocamera to this wonderful development/developer.

    Posted by jacarma | 05/12/2008, 8:04 AM
  2. Very cool. The video is a little fuzzy but you can still see what you are doing. Very useful info.

    George Casuen
    GPS Reviews

    Posted by George Casuen | 05/12/2008, 3:23 PM

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