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Updating location library

Juan Guillermo Jordán (from the LISITT R&D group, Instituto Robotica, Universitat de Valencia, who is also doing some other nice things) is responsible for the GPS capabilities of gvSIG Mobile. They have been partially included in this unofficial version. The library gvSIG Mobile formerly used to access GPS data was called libGPS (based on the … Continue reading

Old things brought to light: a Roman theatre & some orthophotos

Timeline: 5 BC. A great Roman theatre is built in Carthago Nova (today Cartagena, in Southern Spain), one of the largest in Hispania. 5th century. Hispania becomes a Visigothic kingdom. Many Roman theatres are eventually abandoned and forgotten. Across the Middle Ages, houses are built on top of the ruins of the Cartagena Roman theatre. … Continue reading

Unofficial gvSIG Mobile 0.1.3 for Openmoko & Nokia-Maemo is out

… Get installer for Freerunner-Openmoko from Joseph Reeves’ page at More details and screenshots can be seen in his blog. Get installer for Nokia-Maemo from my page at Version 0.1.3 in action. Microsoft street map + GPS: New features: Client side tiled access to ArcIMS servers. Support for Microsoft Live Maps layer. The … Continue reading

Download without prejudice. Enjoy ESRI’s protocols and Microsoft’s maps while they exist :)

Downtown Berlin (Germany) on Microsoft Live Maps: Japan elevation map (from an ArcIMS server) plus a shapefile: These features will be available soon.

Maemo .deb installer for Nokia N8X0 devices

Maemo .deb installer now available here, tested on Nokia N810:

Moses’ fantasy: an Exodus-enabled, free phone

Special thanks to Evgeniy Ginzburg for the Russian and Hebrew translations. … Happy Easter/Passover!

Sqlite & Nokia join the party!

Unofficial gvSIG Mobile for Openmoko v. 0.1.2 has been released today. The main new feature consists in storing waypoints in a local Sqlite database with easily customizable form to set attribute values. Waypoints are then immediately visible on the map. Watch a video and read details here. Red points are being stored and immediately painted: … Continue reading