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Unofficial gvSIG Mobile 0.1.3 for Openmoko & Nokia-Maemo is out

Version 0.1.3 in action. Microsoft street map + GPS:


New features:

  • Client side tiled access to ArcIMS servers.
  • Support for Microsoft Live Maps layer.

The application uses the Spherical Mercator tile scheme also for WMS and ArcIMS servers, regardless of the projection, which means that if a map server (for example the Japanese ArcIMS server below) uses EPSG:4326, then the requested levels will have high indexes (for example, z = 30). Here is a screenshot showing the cached tiles after browsing the mentioned Japanese layer:


is the writable folder (the third parameter application)

is the folder where the app stores downloaded tiles

is the folder for tiles from ArcIMS servers

is the layer ID chosen by the application

are the accessed z levels. The whole map of Japan probably fits inside a single tile in level 21



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