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Updating location library

Juan Guillermo Jordán (from the LISITT R&D group, Instituto Robotica, Universitat de Valencia, who is also doing some other nice things) is responsible for the GPS capabilities of gvSIG Mobile. They have been partially included in this unofficial version. The library gvSIG Mobile formerly used to access GPS data was called libGPS (based on the Dinopolis gpstool package) and is evolving to a more flexible one called libLocation which will provide an interface to access a wider range of location data sources.

Juan Guillermo has been kind enough to set up the workspace in his Ubuntu machine and successfully tested libLocation instead of the old libGPS. In his test he is accessing the GPSd running on a remote PC.


That’s the Spanish Cadastre WMS server. He works in that rectangular building in the outskirts of Valencia. I could have asked him for a nicer example, but I like this one because it came spontaneously :)

Sorry for the unreadable font I used to print the coordinates. It looks much better on Openmoko! Needless to say, I will add the new libLocation to my workspace asap ;)



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