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How far is my boat from the shoreline?

In answer to Lanzo’s message in the Openmoko community mailing list, here is a demo where gvSIG Mobile for Openmoko v. 0.1.4 permanently shows the distance between the user and the shoreline. You only need to provide a line-type shapefile in EPSG:4326 with exactly one feature (the shoreline of your area). In this case, I … Continue reading

Geo-w*nk of the day: Ordnance Survey’s secret heatmaps unveiled

Some countries have an interpolation grid to accurately perform the conversion between EPSG:4326 and their traditional national coordinate system. gvSIG Mobile does not use so far any of these grids. Instead, it simply uses 7-parameter transformations and the standard formulae for projections, which causes a small error when the user watches the GPS arrow on … Continue reading

New features in version 0.1.4

Unofficial gvSIG Mobile for Openmoko v. 0.1.4 is now available. Check Features and How-tos sections for details about these new features: Travel guide mode More finger-friendly GUI & fullscreen mode . . GUI in Arabic, thanks to Nawfal Cherqui Support for German coordinate systems (EPSG:31466 to EPSG:31469)