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Threesome synchro fest: Freerunner (Linux/Openmoko), Nokia N810 (Linux/Maemo) & Packard Bell notebook (Windows XP)

I have done a synchronization test to effectively edit a remote PostGIS table. This diagram describes the situation: All three devices are using a wireless connection and are updating the same remote table which in turn is used by the server to render a point layer in raster mode (the server is both a synchro … Continue reading

Editing a remote PostGIS table using Open mobile IS

Open mobile IS (aka Openmis) is a Java open source project (GNU LGPL license) that aims to provide all the necessary tools, API and documents effectively enabling the development of mobile applications – not intended especially for GIS applications. It was created by Philippe Delrieu (Ubikis technical leader, based in Lyon, France) and has been … Continue reading