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(Just to clarify direct measurements on Spherical Mercator)

Olympic swimming pool in Barcelona on Google Maps. Latitude is 41.36573: As served by the Cadastre WMS in EPSG:3857: True length: L = 66.57 * cos(41.36573) = 49.96 m

Spain Cadastre WMS in Spherical Mercator

As far as I know, the Spanish Cadastre WMS server (run by the Ministry of Economy of Spain) is one of the first to provide its data in the Spherical Mercator projection EPSG:3857 (aka EPSG:3785 and EPSG:900913), so now we can switch between the great cadastre layer and the OSM layers for example. This is … Continue reading

Test the new geo-synchronization feature also in your desktop computer: unofficial gvSIG Mobile 0.1.5 is out!

You can now test the new synchronization feature also in your Ubuntu or Windows desktop PC/laptop/netbook – and of course on your Freerunner (Linux/Openmoko) or Nokia N800/N810 (Linux/Maemo). Download your installer now! Linux/Ubuntu (tested on 8.04 and 9.04, also for netbooks) Linux/Openmoko for Freerunner (tested on SHR) Linux/Maemo for Nokia N770/N800/N810 Windows XP/Vista and Windows … Continue reading