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Recommended settings to run Java applications on the Neo Freerunner phone: SHR & Jalimo

1. The operating system As far as I know, the word Openmoko means three different things: It’s the name of a project dedicated to delivering mobile phones with an open source software stack. I’ll refer to this as Openmoko(p). It’s the name of the Linux-based operating system that is part of the mentioned project. It’s … Continue reading


The situation in Haiti is an example where synchronization of POIs is a good option: As soon as a surveyor reaches an internet-enabled spot, new POIs are added to the database and WMS clients (for example in a coordination office) can see the changes instantly. As new POIs from surveyors A, B, and C get … Continue reading

Quantifying gvSIG Mobile’s transformation accuracy: the case of Italy

Verto is a proprietary software package (available from the Italian IGM e-shop) to perform coordinate transformations among the various CRS used in Italy. Results provided by Verto are considered official so this software is used as a reference to estimate the accuracy of other tools. Traspunto is a more accessible and less accurate alternative to … Continue reading