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Ready-to-print maps of Britain from Ordnance Survey (PDF, A0 paper)

Yes, Albion in all its 1:250,000 glory, brought to you by the British taxpayer ;) I downloaded the images from here (1:250,000 Scale Colour Raster), then embedded them in a large LaTeX document using pdfLaTeX. Right-click on the images and choose Save target as…, if you don’t want your web browser to open it. The … Continue reading

Water utility management using Open Mobile IS & gvSIG Mobile

A nice example of how data synchronization and GIS software integrate on a mobile platform: Manuel Gomez (from Ubikis, Lyon, France) has published a proof of concept application for Windows Mobile where he integrates gvSIG Mobile and the Open Mobile IS framework. From the main control panel, you can switch between the map and the … Continue reading