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How many people visit the OSGeo planet?

On a regular day in February 2009, about 120 different IPs visited the OSGeo planet front page (, about 25% of them from the US:

Google’s WebP vs JPEG: a more comprehensive test

My previous post was a bit unfortunate. The only relevant conclusion of it is that WebP does provide better compression ratios than JPEG for the same level of lossiness. Here is a new comparison method: Take the original image and compress it to WebP and JPEG using all possible quality levels. In both cases, the … Continue reading

Google’s WebP format compresses 6% better than JPEG

This is an attempt to quantify the compression performance of Google’s WebP image format compared to that of JPEG. The method is as follows: Take a large lossless image like this one and cut it up in a not too small number of large tiles. In my test, I have cropped the image a bit … Continue reading