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Just a test on this funny Fedora netbook

The OLPC XO Fedora laptop has fallen into my hands by chance for a few days and I have obviously tested Unofficial gvSIG Mobile for Openmoko on it. The latest swt.jar for Linux x86 devices looks really nice on it. Background is a tiled (client side) Japanese ArcIMS service: The Open Mobile IS synchro engine … Continue reading

Water utility management using Open Mobile IS & gvSIG Mobile

A nice example of how data synchronization and GIS software integrate on a mobile platform: Manuel Gomez (from Ubikis, Lyon, France) has published a proof of concept application for Windows Mobile where he integrates gvSIG Mobile and the Open Mobile IS framework. From the main control panel, you can switch between the map and the … Continue reading


The situation in Haiti is an example where synchronization of POIs is a good option: As soon as a surveyor reaches an internet-enabled spot, new POIs are added to the database and WMS clients (for example in a coordination office) can see the changes instantly. As new POIs from surveyors A, B, and C get … Continue reading

Synchro server Christmas break

The synchro server that survives among my room’s dust will be off-line between 25 December 2009 and 10 January 2010. If you try to use the synchronization service in that period, you’ll get a message similar to: As I have been very nice for the last twelve months, I’m sure Saint Nicholas will bring me … Continue reading

Some true field work: editing a remote PostGIS database from a Nokia N810

The Tellus project has been briefly presented in the 5th international gvSIG conference as scheduled on Thursday 3 December 2009 at 4 pm at the Convention Center in Feria Valencia (Spain). More details here. As an example, this video shows how a remote PostGIS database can be effectively updated from a Linux-based mobile device:

Test the new geo-synchronization feature also in your desktop computer: unofficial gvSIG Mobile 0.1.5 is out!

You can now test the new synchronization feature also in your Ubuntu or Windows desktop PC/laptop/netbook – and of course on your Freerunner (Linux/Openmoko) or Nokia N800/N810 (Linux/Maemo). Download your installer now! Linux/Ubuntu (tested on 8.04 and 9.04, also for netbooks) Linux/Openmoko for Freerunner (tested on SHR) Linux/Maemo for Nokia N770/N800/N810 Windows XP/Vista and Windows … Continue reading

Threesome synchro fest: Freerunner (Linux/Openmoko), Nokia N810 (Linux/Maemo) & Packard Bell notebook (Windows XP)

I have done a synchronization test to effectively edit a remote PostGIS table. This diagram describes the situation: All three devices are using a wireless connection and are updating the same remote table which in turn is used by the server to render a point layer in raster mode (the server is both a synchro … Continue reading

Editing a remote PostGIS table using Open mobile IS

Open mobile IS (aka Openmis) is a Java open source project (GNU LGPL license) that aims to provide all the necessary tools, API and documents effectively enabling the development of mobile applications – not intended especially for GIS applications. It was created by Philippe Delrieu (Ubikis technical leader, based in Lyon, France) and has been … Continue reading