This is the main download page:

[gvSIG Mobile for Linux page at Garage]

The following detailed instructions point at the same installers listed there.

On a Linux PC/laptop/netbook

You need gpsd installed and a Java virtual machine in your system. You can get it with something like:

sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre
sudo apt-get install gpsd

Then download this file to your computer:

and install it with:

sudo dpkg -i ugvsigmobile_0.1.5_all.deb

That will create a shortcut under “Applications – Education” or similar. You can also start it by typing:

On Freerunner (Linux/Openmoko)

You need to point at the Jalimo repositories:

echo "src/gz jalimo \" \
> /etc/opkg/jalimo-feed-all.conf
echo "src/gz jalimo-armv4t \" \
> /etc/opkg/jalimo-feed-armv4t.conf

Download the ipk installer from:

Then the application & prerequisites can be easily installed with:

opkg install libswt3.4-gtk-java jamvm gpsd \
classpath-gtk classpath-common classpath \

By default the install dir is:


You can edit the launcher file (gvsig*.sh) to point at a different JVM.

On Nokia N800/N810 (Linux/Maemo)

Add a package repository with these params:

Dist: maemo4.0
Components: user

Then install the Jalimo SWT examples. The JamVM comes included in the application .deb file which can be downloaded from:

Simply double-click on it from Maemo’s file browser and the package manager will guide you through the installation.

On a Windows PC/laptop/netbook

Simply download and execute this installer:


If you wish to use the GPS features, you’ll need to install Gpsd in your Windows system:


You can uninstall the software in the natural way (apt-get/dpkg on Linux and via the uninstall icon on Windows). Then remove the folder /usr/share/gv-om on Linux or C:\Programs\gv-om on Windows.



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