gvSIG Mobile for Openmoko v. 0.1.5 is a GPS-enabled, projection-aware mapping application that also allows user to store waypoints with easily customizable attributes and perform remote vector synchronization (see How-tos section for details). Features include:

  • Browsing Spherical Mercator remote tile services (OpenStreetMap layers, Yahoo Maps Satellite and Microsoft Live maps service).
  • Easily configurable access to standard and tile WMS servers. If the WMS server is not a tile server, the application applies a tile approach. This optimizes bandwidth usage in all cases.
  • Easily configurable access to ESRI ArcIMS servers. The application applies a tile approach. This optimizes bandwidth usage in all cases.
  • Support for the vector data file de facto standard (ESRI shapefile, *.shp).
  • Access to GPS device via Gpsd. A rotating arrow shows on the map indicating position and heading. Coordinates are also shown.
  • Easily configurable waypoints dialog to store waypoints in a small embedded database which can be synchronized with a remote PostGIS database.
  • Multi-language. Currently: English, Spanish, Romanian, Italian, French, German, Arabic, Russian & Hebrew. Special thanks to the OA Digital staff and also to Evgeniy Ginzburg, Michaël Douchin and Nawfal Cherqui.


If the user wishes to see the GPS arrow on their cartography, they must access WMS layers and add shapefiles using one of the coordinate systems known by the application. These can be seen in the SRS drop-down combo box (settings tab). Supported coordinate systems include:

  • EPSG:4326 Geographic coordinates for WGS84 datum.
  • EPSG:3857 (aka EPSG:900913) Spherical Mercator projection for WGS84 datum, used by OSM, Yahoo Satellites, Google Maps, etc.


Tiles are cached in the folder indicated as the third application parameter. Usually /media/card.

Road map

  • GPS track storage
  • Access to attributes: info tool.
  • Synchronizing line and polygons.
  • Access to simple web services (place-name search, routing, georreferenced weather, Geo RSS)


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