Source code is available anonymously in these two SVN repositories:

Folder: /gvsigmobileonopenmoko/trunk

URL: svn://
Folder: /trunk/modules/Tellus/openmokoversion

Workspace setup in Eclipse

Recommended steps:

  • Install the subclipse plugin for Eclipse.
  • Connect to the first repository and folder and checkout these Java projects: appGvsigMobile, libFMap, libGeom, libLocation, libRender-api, libRender-se-swt, libRenderCore, libInternationalization, libDatastore-sqlite and libDatastore-api. Also checkout the non-Java project resources and copy the folder resources/persistence as a new project persistence in the workspace.
  • Connect to the second repository and folder and checkout the Java project libDatastore-openmis.
  • Install the Eclipse SWT package in your workspace.
  • Set up the execution profile. The application takes three parameters. The first one can be la (landscape) or po (portrait) to indicate the window layout. Second parameter indicates the application main folder. Third parameter indicates where the downloaded resources (tiles) will be stored. So, typical parameters for your PC are:

    la ${workspace_loc} "c:\Documents and Settings\user\CachedTiles"

    The application is started by this class:

    in the appGvsigMobile project.

  • Enjoy!


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